03 Mar

Halal-Wearing Model Breaks Barriers On The Melbourne Fashion Festival

The Melbourne fashion festival runway will feature its first hijab-wearing model. Hanan Ibrahim has just started her professional modeling career but is already working for major designers as she challenges the cultural stereotypes of a Muslim woman.

It’s been just over a month since Melbourne-based radiation therapist Hannan Ibrahim decided to pursue modeling full time.

Already she's modeled for designer Lisa Gorman - marking a big step in her modeling career and a giant leap for diversity in the Australian fashion industry as she makes modeling history by becoming the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s first ever hijab-wearing model.

Ms. Ibrahim, 25, said she hoped to open up new avenues for other Muslim women.

 “Australia is known for being a multicultural country and living in Melbourne you feel that. But in the fashion industry, you don’t see it. So I hope to break down some stereotypes and break down some boundaries that some Muslims feel boxed in to," she told SBS News.

She said the designers have been only too willing to accommodate her modesty standards.

“I have a bag I normally bring with me, of all the different color hijabs I have and the stylists and designers pick one to match the outfit," she said.

Originally published on www.sbs.com.au


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