04 Apr

Modanisa Modest Fashion Week Showcases Halima Aden`s Hijab, Other designs

 Modanisa Istanbul Modest Fashion Week kicked off on Saturday, April 20, with famed hijabi model Halima Aden walking the runway for multiple shows. But the Somali-American model wore more than just one hat at the event – she also debuted her first collection as a designer.  Many other famous designers from around the world also participated in the modest fashion show

In collaboration with Modanisa, Turkey’s leading modest wear e-commerce platform, and the organizer of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, Aden designed her own line of hijabs. Far from humdrum headscarves, Aden’s designs are elaborate, statement-making pieces – and we wouldn’t have expected any less from the world’s leading faces of Muslim fashion.

The structural headwraps are created as pre-wrapped turbans, and, like hats, can simply be pulled on over a wearer's head – a time-saving alternative to attempting hijab tutorials found on YouTube. Designs feature jewel tones, decorative knots, luxe plisse textiles, flashy prints, and metallic sheens.

The hijabs will soon be available online at Modanisa.com.


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