12 Dec

World`s First Islamic Sign Language App Launched

London – 9 December 2018: Amin & Yasmin is launching the world’s first mobile app at the 2nd National Quran Memorization Competition; to help both the deaf and inclusive community learn Islam through an adventure of sign language.

The ‘iSAY’ App is a fun interactive learning experience for those who want to gain an understanding of British Sign Language (BSL) with an Islamic centered focus. The app has numerous exciting features and primarily allows users to explore and learn sign language in general. With the very unique addition of signs from the Islamic faith, it incorporates different learning styles, thus the vibrant content has been provided in the text, picture graphics, 2D animation, and HD video format.

It offers an introduction to sign language in a child-friendly setting that provides a means for an alternative way of communication. It is an excellent tool to nurture empathy, acceptance, and compassion in children at a young age.

Download The ‘iSAY’ App Now: Click Here

Upon first sight, the feel of the app is very family-friendly and provokes a sense of curiosity. Inspired by other BSL dictionary apps that promote English language learning, iSAY will uniquely provide an ‘Islamic bank’ of keywords in BSL, covering a variety of faith terminology.

In addition, there are essential conversational signs, deaf awareness infograms & communication tips, plus a unique collection of ‘daily duas’ (supplications) and ‘hadith’ (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) in BSL. It also features a diverse range of international sign language content from across the globe.

Amin & Yasmin are passionate about empowering those with special educational learning needs. Much of the inspiration came from starting back in 2010 with their own journey of learning sign language and working directly with a wide range of children and adults with multiple disabilities.

Their main focus was on producing high-quality inclusive educational material that helped bridge the communication gap and celebrates the diversity of the SEN (special education needs) community. From experience to inspiration through to inception, 2017 saw the publishing of the world's first book featuring Islamic keywords in British Sign Language, reaching over 30 different countries. Through the continual positive feedback from readers across the communities, as well as through their interactive workshops, came the vision and drive to extend the adventure to the world’s fingertips at the launch of an app.



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