12 Dec

Is McDonald’s Halal (or not)?

Please keep in mind, we are focusing on the restaurants located in America. Other countries have their own rules and laws regarding the ways animals can be slaughtered, butchered, served and monitored. If you have a doubt,  ask your local imam.

Another basic principle is that everything is halal in the daily life until it is proven to be haram.

According to the wife of our prophet, peace be upon him, any time there was a choice in a matter, our prophet, peace be upon him, always took the easiest way. And he did not want to make our deen (way of life in Islam) difficult.

There are some very important basic principles to keep in mind when we talk about our daily lives and what is forbidden (haram) and what is permissable (halal). First, the principle in Islam, not to make things difficult and to take the middle path.

So, the answers is – ‘YES’ and ‘NO’

What if the restaurant is located in a Muslim country where the Halal restrictions are in place, or if it is owned by Muslims who claim they follow the rules of thabihah (halal slaughter and processing), is it really halal?
Yes, it is halal for you, inshallah.

For the record, there are many places in non-Muslim countries, even the U.S. and Canada – where you can eat at a McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken or other famous fast food chains, and enjoy a perfectly halal meal – Really!

What if it is not located in a Muslim country, but it is owned by responsible Muslims?
– Absolutely yes. If Muslims tell you they are offering you meat, you should not even question it. This is confirmed from the sunnah of the prophet, peace be upon him.

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