05 May

Uzma Chaudhry:Modesty and Fashion Can Go Hand In Hand

Styling hijabs is not as simple as the step by step procedures promised by some modest fashion vloggers. We speak to Hijab stylist Manchester based Uzma Chaudhri who reveals the secret behind her success.

Whilst many turn to social media to find hijab fashion inspiration, Uzma Chaudhri, became a hijab stylist after she was approached by women who admired her own intricate creations that she designed on herself. 

Uzma explains how she turned a hobby into a full-time career.

She said, “I began creating elaborate hijab styles on myself in 2010. After a few months, people within my community started to approach me and ask if I would be able to style their hijab for them for an occasion they had coming up. 

“I soon realised that I possessed a degree of natural design talent. 

“There was a niche in the market for such a talent and the demand was high and ever increasing.”

Uzma embarked on developing a business venture as a young mum with twin daughters who were only three-years-old at the time. She also runs one-to-one hijab training sessions and masterclasses in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

“I was quite hesitant to begin with as I felt I may not be able to juggle the responsibility.

“However, with encouragement from my family, I opted to take the plunge and to take a lead in this market. 

“The rest as they say is history and I really enjoy my work and have a passion for making my clients happy and look good.”

With the ongoing expansion of modest fashion on the high street, Uzma says she has seen a huge surge in clients wanting hijabs styled for special occasions and parties.


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