01 Jan

Modestwist To Cater To Gen-Z Muslim Needs For Modest Fashion

Modest fashion is a hot buzzword. Everybody seems to be talking about it. Almost every week, we hear some new brands offering modest fashion clothes. Well, there is an upcoming modest fashion brand from the UK that seeks to satisfy the modest apparel needs of Gen-Z Muslim females aged 16-28.  Modestwist, a modest fashion brand plans to start offering its modest clothing lines to fashion-conscious Gen-Z Muslim girls who want to adopt the latest fashion trends while still; staying true to their Muslim faith.

The founder of the brand, Annabel John, strongly believes that the new generation of Muslims wants to express themselves through fashion. These youngsters are constantly defining the modest fashion narrative. They believe that modest fashion and Islamic faith are quite compatible with each other.

In the long term, Modestwist wants to offer modest clothing to Muslim girls from all over the world. The founder also hopes that their modest clothing lines will be appealing not only to Muslim girls but also to a wider audience across all communities. Due to recent trends for adopting modest fashion even among non-Muslims, there is a strong possibility that the soon-to-be-launched brand will be able to get traction among its target customers soon.


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